Workers and resources: Soviet republic adds water and sewer systems

Workers and Resources: The Soviet Republic is secretly the best urban building game out there, as long as you’re the kind of person who enjoys setting up gravel transporters, placing railroad signals, and keeping track of your citizens through a secret police network. Developer 3Division continues to add complexity to it, and an upcoming patch will include a water and sewer system.

The latest Community report provides some details on how the plumbing system will work. Of course, you must first have a water source, such as a well. This water must be led to a treatment plant, which will make it safe to drink by adding chemicals to it. The amount of chemicals you need to purify the water depends on where the source is – wells in heavily polluted areas will require more purification than well water from cleaner areas.

3Division says that it has already been worked out how Workers and Resources will handle things like water pressure and delivery, and that the study is now finding out exactly how the water system will connect to the electricity grid and what kind of values ​​will be used to determine water consumption.

Initially, water and sewer systems will only be required for residential structures, but 3Division says it hopes to also incorporate industrial buildings into the system at some point.

Each new system added to Workers and Resources increases the number of error points, which actually means the game has gotten harder all the time. This is something 3Division recognizes, and it says players can expect another leap into trouble when the water and sewer update arrives.

First, however, it is the crime and justice system that should arrive in the next program. It will be interesting to see how it interacts with the secret police and citizen loyalty systems added last year.

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