Xbox: The 10 Most Amazing Games Released in 2022

The Xbox has plenty of more titles waiting for fans in 2022. While some of them are a continuation of well-known franchises, others are original ideas or licensed from brands outside the console. With the next generation of technology driving the visuals, along with improvements in the engines that these titles run on, there is a remarkable shift in the look of upcoming games.

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Most of the projects that debut as Xbox exclusive will certainly be amazing, but some stand out in their imaginative designs, intelligent character choices, immersive world structure, brilliant color inclusion and intense graphics. These titles will definitely live on thanks to their cinematic looks alone!


Sheet 2

wine diesel video game sheet 2

The successor to Sheet: Survival developed from Studio Wildcard and Snail promises to be even more beautiful than the original episode thanks to the incredible way the title has captured human similarity. The emotions in the story will definitely resonate through the screen thanks to the achievements that have been shown in these amazing character renditions.

With huge names like Vin Diseal lending their faces to this survival title, it’s not just the heroes’ personalities that are well represented by the cinemas. Footage has also shown a delicious world to explore with a vibrant plant life that is both imaginatively created and realistic despite its sci-fi edge.

STALKER 2: Heart Of Chernobyl

stalker 2 Ferris wheels

While Xbox fans will be well versed in the variety of shooting games available on the platform and especially Game Pass, the next part of PURSUIT the saga promises to be one of the most exciting to date as it takes the audience into the ominous landscape of Chernobyl.

Creating a game based on a real location creates certain expectations, but thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5, this GSC Game World production seems to be both accurate in its depiction, while taking some edgy creative licenses. Its muted and grungy aesthetic perfectly matches the tone of the piece.

Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2 Biome Exploatation features

Lots of Xbox titles are scary and gritty, so it’s refreshing to see a release that boasts a far more whimsical point of view. Slime Rancher 2, yet another sequel to Microsoft’s calendar, promises to be a colorful and eclectic pace change for gamers.

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It is cartoonish and stylized in its design, but the simple use of shapes combined with its rainbow palette ensures that there is something interesting to look at in every single image. The ever-changing selection of creatures and diverse sets of habitats will definitely give this Monomi Park game a much longer shelf life for players.


Tunic fans with a sword

The Xbox continued to win in 2021 thanks to its focus on indie titles, but it waited a long time Tunic was still not on the release agenda. 2022 changes that as the game finally gets its moment to shine after the hard work of Andrew Shouldice and Finji.

The Unity engine allows this eccentric title to reach its full potential, as the action-adventure genre is getting an intricately detailed addition to the archives. In many ways, the visual in the play feels far more like an exclusive Nintendo Switch, where especially the fox character immediately stands out for its distinctive appearance.


Somerville, where the main characters are in a forest next to some water

Third-person adventure games from Jumpship allow players to control a family through an ongoing apocalypse. The platform game uses Unity as an engine to try to create a series of unique cinematic sequences that reflect a changed world, a world that feels authentic despite the sci-fi neon elements being drawn in.

Maybe it’s the environment that the main characters go through Somerville that really sells the tone of the game, with a surprising array of techniques being used to paint a planet on the brink of complete annihilation. It’s a sharp image, but one bursting with daring touches of natural beauty in contrast to a tougher man-made infrastructure.


Replaced Train Gampelay

The retro side-scroller, Replaced, focuses on a more cyberpunk-like aesthetic while exploiting both the limitations and benefits of relying on an 8-bit inspired system. A cornucopia of environments, both natural and concrete, sets a gloomy background for this narrative.

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Every shot, from the camera’s framing to the small inclusions in the background dressing and character animation, is clearly well thought out. There is a cinematic edge to the game, which also includes surprisingly beautiful costume choices that emerge from the screen.


Action adventure games are easy to find on the Xbox Game Pass, however Starfield pushes the genre in bold new directions with its ambition and scale. The concept art of the play alone demonstrates the commitment to visual splendor that Bethesda Game Studios aims for.

Creation Engine is definitely going to do a lot of heavy lifting to ensure that these intergalactic visuals retain their conceptual roots, as the framework of the game currently looks as if they are paintings rather than a segment of an ongoing narrative. The imagination put into both the surroundings and technological designs is a good sign of what is to come.


Redfall Game Arkane Bethesda Xbox Gameplay Combat

First-person shooters in the open world have a mixed story on the Xbox, but the legacy of Arkane Studios, backed by Bethesda Softworks, is hard to ignore. With the use of Unreal Engine 5, Redness seems to be a title that could hold up among the most amazing releases of 2022.

Maybe it’s the use of color that actually sells the piece, or maybe it’s the personalization of each character that draws the eye to so many small inclusions that really builds up the individual. Admittedly, the creatures are not particularly interesting in their design, but the stylized elements of the rest of the action adventure really promise.


image from the game Shredders, which shows people riding snowboards in a snow-covered area

Sports titles have always been an important part of the Xbox’s success; they have largely mastered the genre. Shredders is an attempt by FoamPunch, I-Illusions and Let It Roll to bring the business of competitive and extreme snowboarding to the audience.

There is not much to work with in terms of the visuals in a game that is so heavily dependent on snow-covered backgrounds. This is exactly where the genius lies in this original concept, where the physics and the interaction with the surroundings create a title that looks as if it is coverage of the sport itself. It is certainly not easy to make so much snow so appealing.

The planet of Lana

Lana Planet Summer Game Fest 2021 Kickoff Live

Every now and then, an indie game allows itself to create a truly unique space in the larger market that attracts fans’ attention and thus receives critical acclaim thanks to its artistic choices. The planet of Lana promises to potentially become one of those projects where Thunderful Publishing and Wishfully create a title that reflects a painting more than a video game.

The release seems to be a side-scroller of considerable scale as it tracks a young girl and her cat as they travel across this amazing planet. There is a uniformity in every shot and every sequence of the game, but one that continues to be breathtaking regardless of the plants, creatures or characters in the picture. Shadows, shapes and subtle animations effortlessly tell this sci-fi story.

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