Yellowjackets creators confirm that Jackie’s fate may be Shauna’s fault

Yellowjackets’ creators discuss Jackie’s fate and how it could be Shauna’s fault, along with other lingering questions from the season finale.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Yellowjackets.

Yellowjackets the creators, Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, discuss how Jackie’s fate in the season 1 finale was possibly the result of Shauna’s actions. After premiering last Sunday, Yellowjackets completed the first of its planned five seasons on Showtime. The series has been a hit for the network with both critics and audiences, and has quickly gathered a following that has grown due to word-of-mouth and frequent theorizing from fans about how the story will unfold.

Yellowjackets follows a football team from high school in 1996 that crashed into the desert, leaving them stranded for 19 months, as well as the lives of the survivors 25 years later. One of the key relationships is Shauna (Sophie Nelisse and Melanie Lynskey) and Jackie (Ella Purnell), two friends who have an argument in the woods after it has been revealed that Shauna has become pregnant by Jackie’s boyfriend, Jeff (Warren Kole,), which Shauna turns out to be married to in the 2021 period. In the season 1 finale, Jackie turns on the other survivors for having tried to kill Travis (Kevin Alves) in episode 9, “Doomcoming”, which in turn gets her sent outside the cabin before it snows, where she then freezes to death overnight.


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In an interview with AND Canada, Lyle, Nickerson and Purnell talk about Jackie’s deportation and what it means for the rest of the survivors. They’re discussing how Shauna will have to deal with the responsibility for Jackie’s death and how it’s something. “it could probably her fault. “Shauna clearly still feels this guilt as an adult in 2021, where she sees visions of Jackie. They also talk about how Jackie’s betrayal of the team was warned throughout Yellowjackets’ first season of her refusal to help with the survival effort and her sleep with Travis.

Yellowjackets season 1 finale explained

In the interview, Purnell also briefly touches on what could happen to Jackie’s body, as the first episode teases the survivors by resorting to cannibalism to get through the winter, saying she does not know what will happen to her body, but know that “it’s going to happen at some point, “referring to their turn to cannibalism in general. As winter officially begins in the finale, and where food shortages are already a plot point, it raises the question of whether Jackie’s body will be consumed by the remaining characters. Purnell also expressed enthusiasm to return as Jackie in season 2, whether it’s as a ghost or a hallucination.

That Yellowjackets the finale certainly raised more questions than it answered. There are still questions about the arrival of a mysterious group kidnapping adults Natalie (Juliette Lewis), or how many new adult survivors could emerge in season 2, or the fact that Misty (Christina Ricci and Sammi Hanratty) keeps poisoning people. But with Jackie’s death, much of Shauna’s guilt feels right. Regardless of season 2 of Yellowjackets holds, it will certainly be as twisted and compelling as the season before it.

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Source: ET Canada

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