Yellowjackets season 2 will introduce more adult survivors

Yellowjackets season 2 will introduce the other survivors of the plane crash into the modern timeline, teasing co-creator Ashley Lyle.

SPOILER WARNING: Yellowjackets Season 1 spoilers below.

The co-creator of Yellowjackets teasing that other survivors of the plane crash will show up in the series ’future seasons. While audiences have already gotten to know Melanie Lynskey’s Shauna, Tawny Cypress ‘Taissa, Juliette Lewis’ Nat and Christina Ricci’s Misty, the series has yet to confirm which other members of the high school football team survive the desert and reach adulthood. The series follows the survivors in two timelines: 1996, when they were teenagers in high school on their way to a football tournament, before being stranded in the woods for 19 months, and today, where their adult lives are still affected by their past traumas.


IN Yellowjackets season 1, the audience is introduced to only four surviving members of the Yellowjackets football team: Shauna, Nat, Tai and Misty; however, there are several mentions of “others” who have made it out of the woods in one piece. While the show also confirmed that Travis (their coach’s son) had survived, he was killed (or killed himself) off-screen before the audience had a chance to meet him. The end of season 1 revealed another potential survivor, Lottie Matthews, who could somehow empty Travis’ bank account before he died. This revelation comes just as a group of cult-like masked intruders, wearing necklaces adorned with the mysterious symbol found in the woods, barge into Nat’s motel room and kidnap her. With Lottie now in play as an adult, it opens up the possibility that she may not be the only survivor of what happened in the woods.

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Yellowjackets co-creator Ashley Lyle confirmed that other survivors are “out there” and will “come into play” in season 2. Talking to ThePlaylist about Yellowjackets season 1 finale and what lies ahead, Lyle teased that the four adult survivors are not the only people who came out of nature.

“I think we can tease for season 2 – you know there are other survivors out there and that will come into play. I also think that just like we discussed the supernatural before, the idea of ​​faith and what people do and do not do ‘t believe in – it’s going to be very central themed for the second season. would like to reassure everyone that we will not drag it out forever, so get ready. “

Lyle’s comments regarding Yellowjackets season 2, which further explores the supernatural elements hinted at in season 1, makes even more sense when Adult Lottie is thrown into the mix. From the beginning, Lottie has proven to have the most profound spiritual connection with everything she senses in these forests. But early in season 1, it is revealed that teenager Lottie is taking the drug “Loxipene”, which is not a real drug but may be based on Loxapin, which is used to treat schizophrenia in the real world. If adult Lottie shows up in Yellowjackets season 2 it allows the writers to examine her psychological problems as a child and in adulthood.

It is entirely possible that after being rescued, Lottie continued to believe in the supernatural or spiritual unity of the forest, perhaps converting others and building a dedicated, secretive following. Or what if Lottie is never rescued? Maybe she stayed in the woods with a few loyal followers who started their own wild community that developed into a full-blown cult in our days. Of course the best part about Yellowjackets is its unpredictability, so maybe it will not be any of these things, and season 2 will dig deeper into the supernatural side of the story and reveal a much more sinister force behind the show’s supernatural events.

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