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You can buy “Hell To Pay” from Charles Soule & Will Sliney right now


We mentioned that the new comic book of Charles Soule, Will Sliney, and Rachelle Rosenberg, should have been released last summer through Image Comics and wanted its creative process focused on Twitch. Well, it has now been moved to the summer of 2022, but they have also made a special edition of the first issue available by mail order. They have only printed a limited number, and as Soule notes, with the teased launch of Eight billion geniuses from him and Ryan Browne, which debuts from Image Comics in May, brought the 500 limited edition copies to C2E2 earlier this month and sold them online at the same time – the entire edition was gone in a matter of hours. So feel free to be quick with it Hell to pay. This pre-order page still has the old dates on it …

You can buy Hell To Pay from Charles Soule & Will Sliney right now
You can buy “Hell To Pay” from Charles Soule & Will Sliney right now

What is HELL TO PAY? It’s the upcoming Image Comics series from Charles Soule, Will Sliney and Rachelle Rosenberg A supernatural adventure beginning in the summer of 2021, like Indiana Jones meetings Hell’s kid, in which we follow Maia and Sebastian Stone, a married couple working as contract servants for the mysterious Wrapped College, with the task of using various magical artifacts and abilities to trace and remove six hundred and sixty-six coins from terrestrial circulation of the currency used in Hell … qurrakh… Aka The Devil’s Dollar.

However, this is no ordinary cartoon – we’re doing something special with this one – create it live on Twitch! Weekly streams for viewers will let you watch us build the story, the art, the colors … all in real time and from scratch. Listen to Will’s Twitch channel to see!

Even cooler, as a special bonus for our most devoted fans, we offer an exclusive version of Hell to Pay # 1 with a special, unique cover that will only be available with us – not in stores! This will be a limited number of copies and when they are gone, they are gone. We’ll also be doing this live on Twitch – the art you see here is a non-final, uncolored version of the earliest sketch. You can also have it signed by the team, and the addition includes a dialogical outline from Will and Charles. order now!

(This exclusive version of Hell to Pay # 1 will ship in the summer of 2021. Select the appropriate order list – just be sure to choose the right one as we have configured it separately for US and international buyers. US fulfillment will be handled by our amazing friends at ThirdEye Comics in Baltimore, and the international fulfillment of our equally amazing friends at Big Bang Comics in Dublin! THANK YOU! Can’t wait to see this story!)

Charles Soule also stated in his newsletter that;

  • There’s another Marvel cartoon thing I’ve been working on for literally years, not Star Wars. It may see the light of day in 2022, maybe not. I call this the ice book.
  • Something very, very, very nice that I have been involved in was supposed to fall around the middle of the year. I’m very excited about it, but the NDA also increased yin-yang. We talk when we can.
  • I will continue to write the Marvel Star Wars flagship cartoon for the foreseeable future (unless they know something I do not know!) I definitely have stories planned through the year.
  • I’m writing more stories for The High Republic. Some you will soon find out, others you will not, but I am not going anywhere. I was deeply involved in story-architecting Phase II and beyond.
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