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Zelda Fan builds Majora’s Mask Skull Kid out of the cake

A Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask fan recently unveiled their latest edible creation, a cake made to look like the central antagonist of the N64 title.

ONE Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask fan (and apparently talented baker) recently unveiled one of their latest edible creations: a cake made to look like one of the key Majoras mask villains, Skull Kid. Although Skull Kid is most strongly associated with his significant role in the 2000 Nintendo 64 title, his first acclaimed appearance took place two years before the 1998 The Legend of Zelda: Tidens Ocarina.

Skull Kid is a member of Skull Kids, a breed of forest-dwelling creatures with a reputation for causing harm. That Majoras mask the central antagonist – the unique Skull Kid character – is not a villain of pure personal will. Rather, the game’s titular mask locks onto Skull Kid and takes over his body, eventually causing Skull Kid to incite the moon’s crash and Link’s transformation into a Deku Scrub. Link is subsequently tasked with retrieving Majora’s mask and returning it to its rightful owner, Happy Mask Salesman, who in turn promises to help Link return to his body.


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ONE Majoras mask fan, Reddit user PositiveJuJu, recently unveiled their artistic creation depicting a Majoras-Mask-clad Skull Kid. At first glance, the building resembles a meticulously detailed and faithfully colorful statue of the character. In some ways, the Skull Kid creation could even look like next-generation graphics to a video game. But PositiveJuju’s Skull Kid is actually edible. They wrote, “I made a cake of MM’s Skull Kid, which floats and has a completely edible mask.” PositiveJuju added that they achieved the witty, glowing eyes from Majora’s Mask thanks to making them entirely of sugar.

The external appearance of the Skull Kid cake does not reveal its internal taste – “white choc mud with red velvet swirl” – which looks just as delicious as its exterior looks impressive. Fan art has paid homage to Majora’s mask in countless ways in the past (albeit in relatively less mundane ways). A fan recently imagined one Majoras-mask-themed Nintendo Switch Lite, complete with a color scheme and visual symbols to evoke the menacing mask.

Fan art and other tributes to The legend of Zelda disappoints rarely, but PositiveJuju seems to have an advantage because of their delicious and edible nature Majoras mask creation. Not only can this Skull Kid model be admired for its incredible details, but it can also be admired for its (presumably) delicious taste. The only downside to this situation is that the impressive Skull Kid model will be gone forever after digging in.

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Source: PositiveJuju / Reddit

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